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The KPI Institute’s coverage of PMA 2014 Conference – Parallel sessions


PMA 2014 Conference – Parallel sessions

Throughout the three days of the PMA 2014 Conference, the presentations were split into three parallel sessions, which covered a very broad range of topics, from strategy, sustainability and performance culture to performance management practices in different industries.

PERFORMANCE Magazine now offers coverage from roughly over 70 presentations delivered within the parallel sessions. Access them by following the links below!

Speaker Presentation
Adriana Knapkova, Drahomira Pavelkova, Lubor Homolka Utilization of Balanced Scorecard and Customer Relationship Management and the Effect of Their Joint Use on the Financial Performance of Companies in the Czech Republic
Ahmad Maharma, Yahya Saleh Developing a Business Performance Management Model for Paltel Group – Palestine
Ajay K. Jain, Franziska Guenzel-Jensen Relationship between Trust, Distributed Leadership and Job Performance in Health Care Context: Exploring the mediating role of Job Satisfaction
Ajay K. Jain, Hans Jeppe Jeppesen, Thomas Jønsson Self-Efficacy and Vertical Trust as Predictors of Distributed Leadership in Danish Health Care Context
Aki Jääskeläinen, Juho-Matias Roitto Analysis of visualization techniques supporting performance measurement process
Ana I. Melo, Cláudia S. Sarrico, Zoe Radnor Performance Management Systems in Universities
Anders Frederiksen Employee job satisfaction and quit behavior
Anders Møllekær, Jacob Kjær Eskildsen Performance Measurement System design: Developing a new system for Danish emergency departments.
Andre de Waal The Role of Performance-Driven Behaviour in the High Performance Organisation
Anika Kozlowski, Michal Bardecki, Cory Searcy Corporate sustainability reports in the apparel industry: An analysis of reported indicators
Barbara Krumay, Stefan Bauer, Sebastian Margiol Measurement Beyond Financial Performance: Security and Privacy
Bianca Keers, Paul Van Fenema, Henk Zijm Managing Organizational “fit” for Successful Service Alliances
Børge Obel New Organisation Forms and Reorganisation in a Modern World
Carina Larsson, Kristina Säfsten, Anna Syberfeldt Lean target communication in SMEs
Cathy Hansell Accelerating a Company’s Sustainability Performance
Christian Lystbaek The service of performance measurement of public service
Dan Mønster, Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson, Jacob Eskildsen, Børge Obel, Richard Burton, Linda Argote Variations in the Circumplex Model of Affect Across Contexts
Farhad Shafti Beyond Performance Measurement: Contribution Measurement
Fateha Shaheen, Sai Nudurupati, David Petty Influence of Culture and management systems on PMS
Flavio Hourneaux Junior, Marcelo Gabriel, Dolores Gallardo-Vázquez Tripple Bottom Line and Firm’s sustainable performance measurement
Fodil Fadli Sustainability Assessment Vs Building Performance; an Innovative Review
Franz Wirnsperger Increasing flexibility and performance orientation with Relative Performance Contracting
Gavin Lawrie, Nur Anisah Abdullah, Christopher Bragg, Guillaume Varlet Multi-level strategic alignment within a complex organisation
George Huber Performance Measurement Effects on Organizational Responses to Threats
Gillian Pratt, Mike Bourne How managers use performance measurement in strategy making
Grant Regan Designing High Performance Corporate Culture
Harri Laihonen, Sanna Pekkola Transfer of performance information as a driver of network performance
Heather Keathley, Eileen Van Aken, Geert Letens Review of Factors Affecting Performance Measurement System Implementation
Ihssan Jwijati, Umit Bititci Exploring the Impact of National Culture on Performance Measurement (PM)
Jacob Brix, Lois S. Peters The benefits of taking a radical approach to continuous innovation
James Grant Regan Designing High Performance Corporate Culture
Jannis Angelis, Henrik Jordahl Performance management practices and elderly care
Jean-Paul Peronard Managing Inter-Organizational Networks for Customer Value: Constructing Networks in the Experience Economy
Joachim Sandt, Christoph Hoffmann Using guest feedback for managing the performance in a hotel
Johan Theodoor Doevendans, Nigel Grigg, Jane Goodyer Johan Theodoor Doevendans, Nigel Grigg, Jane Goodyer
John Vestergaard Olesen, Jacob Kjær Eskildsen Duality Solution in PLS Satisfaction Surveys
Juhani Ukko, Sanna Pekkola, Oona Takala, Hannu Rantanen Exploring Performance Measurement Systems in a Service Context
Julio Araujo Carneiro da Cunha, Flavio Hourneaux Junior, Hamilton Luiz Correa Chronology of the Organizational Performance Measurement Research
Krister Bredmar What about municipal strategic management and performance measurement
Lukas Michel Management Tools for the New Workplace
Magdalena Pârțac, Lester Lloyd-Reason, Francis Greene Performance Measurement Systems and Organisational Performance: literature review
Marcello Cavallare, Sergio Sousa, Eusébio Nunes Marcello Cavallare, Sergio Sousa, Eusébio Nunes
Mary Jo Hall Disciplined Collaborative Performance as the Road to Results
Michaela Blahová, Parissa Haghirian, Přemysl Pálka Current Trends in Strategic Management and Performance Measurement: Evidence from Japan
Ole Friis, Jacob Eskildsen, Jens Holmgren An Empirical Evaluation of a Sustainable Strategy Model
Ole Friis, Jens Holmgren, Jacob Eskildsen A sustainable strategy model
Payman Ahi, Cory Searcy Measuring social issues in sustainable supply chains
Raine Isaksson, Mikael Johnson, Rickard Garvare Raine Isaksson, Mikael Johnson, Rickard Garvare
Raine Isaksson, Rickard Garvare, Mikael Johnson, Christer Kuttainen, Jörg Pareis Lean Lifelong Learning – Case Sweden
Rick Edgeman Grand Global Challenges in Relation to Superior and Sustained Enterprise Performance & Impact
Rick Edgeman Survive & Thrive: Sustainable Enterprise Excellence, Resilience & Robustness
Sai Nudurupati, Patrizia Garengo, Umit Bititci, Alberto Sardi Future of Performance Measurement and Management: an Empirical Evidence
Samer Abdulhadi, Andrey Pavlov Strategic decisions creation-implementation process: An empirical study
Sanna Pekkola, Minna Saunila, Tero Rantala, Juhani Ukko Role of performance measurement in developing industrial services
Stacy Smulowitz Evidence for the Performance Prism in Higher Education
Svetlana Maltseva, Andrey Dmitriev Dynamic system crisis’s detecting using big data flow
Sylvia Grewatsch, Ingo Kleindienst When does it pay to be good?
Tarmo Kadak Designing the Approach for Assessment the Implemented Performance Management Systems
Thomas Kjærgaard Integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Measures for Sustainability Performance
Torben Tambo, Ole Dahl Gabel Discussing performance management architecture in public service broadcasting
Unchan Youngbantao, Nopadol Rompho The Uses of Measures in Performance Prism in Different Organizational Cultures
Maria Lammerdina (Wilma) Bobbink, Andreas Hartmann Extended enterprise performance management: a value co-creation perspective
Yvonne Lagrosen, Fred Travis Developing a neuropsychological measurement instrument to capture workplace-learning
Zafar Iqbal, Nigel Grigg, Nicky Campbell-Allen Enhancing Prioritisation of Technical Attributes in Quality Function Deployment
The KPI Institute’s coverage of PMA 2014 Conference – Expert interviews
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