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Prioritizing technical attributes in the Quality Function Deployment, with Nigel Grigg, Nicky Campbell-Allen and Zafar Iqbal, at the 2014 PMA Conference


Zafar Iqbal PMA 2014 Conference

In the second day of the 2014 PMA Conference there was a presentation dubbed “Enhancing Prioritisation of Technical Attributes in Quality Function Deployment”, written by Associate Professor Nigel Grigg, Lecturer Nicky Campbell-Allen and PhD student Zafar Iqbal, of the Massey University.

Explaining how Quality Function Deployment represents an important part of product development, being both an addition to the manufacturing process and a means of understanding customer needs and demands, they present the methodology’s features and applicability.

As the authors present, Quality Function Deployment Frameworks can be tailored to client’s needs, and is comprised of different, customizable sections, as follows:

  • Voice of Customers Section – comprised of the actual customer needs and demands, their importance and the interaction between them;
  • Technical Attributes Section – described as the core section, it contains technical attributes, engineering aspects and the correlations between them.
  • Relationship Matrix Section – which is an expression of the interaction between the previous sections presented above, and reflects the degree to which the voice of the customers is satisfied by the technical aspects. This is the most complex procedure within the framework.
  • Final Weights of the Technical attributes and their Priority – derived from the information available from the previous sections;

Being exclusively theoretical, the presentation introduces practitioners to a systematic approach to product development, with a robust set of procedures and a higher chance of achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

As the authors highlight, employing this methodology brings the opportunity to make effective choices regarding various products or services and their technical attributes, founded on the actual customer’s input, which makes it highly likely that customer satisfaction will be achieved.

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