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A workshop in designing high performance corporate culture, offered by James Grant Regan, at the 2014 PMA Conference


Grant Regan PMA 2014 Conference

Following the presentation, held on June 25th, the first day of the 2014 PMA Conference, James Grant Regan, expert in the field of Organizational Design, Development, Change and Performance, CEO at QaBe Developments, Canada, held a workshop, on the theme of designing an organizational performance culture.

With the homonym title, “Designing High Performance Corporate Culture”, the workshop reinforced the need to look at the importance of corporate culture, to define and design it according to the respective cultural particularities and conative triggers.

Has highlighted by James Grant Regan, the influence of corporate culture is highly noticeable, especially in influencing the decision making process, where it determines 2 instances:

  • Distant decision making corporate cultures that have a longer period of time and long term effects in their scope;
  • Local decision making corporate culture, where both data and outcomes tend to have a proximal source and effect.

Being the workshop edition of the previously rendered presentation,  James Grant Regan invited the audience to participate in a practical approach to establishing what benchmarks are recommendable, in order for one to design their own High Performance Corporate culture.

The exercise implied rating a series of Decision Making scales, where the participants were asked to estimate where, within each of the scales, would descriptors like Excellent, Quality and Amazing stand.

Grant Regan PMA 2014 Conference

The discussion then became general, where the invitation for debate was launched by Mr. Grant Regan, and the professional participants have reached a consensus regarding the following:

  • A high performing organization, reaching the “Excellent” performance mark should be fairly able to gather and consider data from any useful source, with ass much detail as the source can provide;
  • Such an organization goes through a thorough analysis process before deciding on the future action course;
  • A High performing corporate culture, which has reached the “Excellence” level, will balance strict adhesion to the mission and vision with developing innovation;
  • Local decision making is more desirable then those taken from a great distance;
  • Also, these organizations will be characterized by an inclusive loyalty, like a quadruple bottom line, along with valuing respect, exhibiting confidence and focuses on the short and long-range goals that may be achieved.

Allowing the audience to reach these key points brought awareness to the importance of pinpointing the appropriate approach to corporate culture, in order to attain the much coveted “Excellence” mark.


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