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Bridging goals across governmental entities: key insights for enhancing strategies and performance management


Rashed Mohammed Al Jalajil is an executive director with more than 17 years of experience in strategy execution and performance management in both the private and public sectors in Saudi Arabia. He is a change management enthusiast who believes in developing people to lead organizational success.

Career insights: charting leadership excellence in the public sector


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Turki Alderaan is the Director of the Risk Department at Al-Jouf University and a Senior HRB Partner at the Technical Vocational Training Corp (TVTC). He is also an organizational development (OD) expert in four governmental sectors. Additionally, he is a leadership and strategy professional, an executive and performance mentor, a performance design and measurement specialist, and an accredited professional trainer. In this interview, he imparts the valuable experience and profound wisdom he has accumulated over the course of his career.

Would you tell us more about your educational and professional background? How did your previous experiences lead you to your current position?

I have a bachelor’s degree in political science and HR management and a master’s degree in business management. I have since delved significantly deeper into the world of institutional performance management and had the opportunity to practice it professionally. I hold certificates from organizations like The KPI Institute (TKI) and the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). Currently, I work as an organizational development expert in both the public and private sectors, and I am the director of risk management at Al-Jouf University.

What are your main responsibilities and goals in your current role?

I ensure the application of systematic work standards, lead organizations to adopt the appropriate workflow to conduct organizational transformation, and develop organizational strategies. I utilize technical tools in business analysis to implement improvement measures according to specific performance indicators.

Please take us through your daily job routine. Could you describe your activities and work hours in detail? You may specify certain areas of your job, such as your work arrangement (remote, on-site, or hybrid) and the stakeholders you frequently contact or meet with.

I work for various organizations in both the public and private sectors, working remotely and on-site. At times, I work 16 hours a day, meeting government leaders who supervise my performance. I am grateful for the experiences that have enhanced my development and skills.

Do you think that strategy and performance management in the public sector is different from that in the private sector? How so?

Nations lacking competent strategies and performance management face challenges in achieving organizational transformation, resulting in a weaker position. The private sector offers flexibility, swift decision-making, and sharing. Meanwhile, the public sector excels in resources and an appealing working environment, encouraging many to focus on performance and how to measure it.

A positive work environment with ample resources and tools promotes productivity. Performance is measured through KPIs, feedback, and goal achievement. Regular evaluations and open communication foster a culture of continuous improvement. Quantitative metrics like resource ratio, budget allocation, and utilization rates provide insights into resource efficiency. Qualitative feedback, turnover rates, and job satisfaction surveys also contribute to assessment.

What are the main achievements you are proud of thus far during your time working in strategy and performance management in the public sector?

Across my 15+ years of professional experience, I am still proud of my first achievement with the Institutional Accreditation Team at Al-Jouf University, where I contributed to institutional accreditation in administrative and technical procedures. I did so by establishing modern departments and introducing concepts like risk management, governance, corporate performance management, etc., and linking them to the strategic plan and the design of the follow-up and control mechanisms.

What are the main challenges that you face working in strategy and performance management in the public sector? When faced with such challenges, what do you do?

Government sector strategic plans often exceed 500 pages, with leaders focusing on goals without clear follow-up mechanisms. Training programs can help consolidate knowledge and skills, enabling effective guidance and senior leadership support.

For the future of your career, do you intend to keep on working in the public sector, switch to the private sector, or does the sector not really matter to you? Why?

Working with both sectors has pros and cons, but the main goal is to leave behind a meaningful impact. My most significant contribution is to the government sector, wherein I aimed to help achieve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by facilitating institutional excellence and systematically improving performance management.

If someone is looking to work in strategy and performance management in the public sector, what skills, knowledge, and experience would you advise them to acquire?

Enhancing communication skills is crucial, whether written, verbal, or physical. Aside from that, it is important to have the skill of writing and rewriting policies and procedure manuals to support management systems and performance measurement at all administrative levels.

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