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About Employee satisfaction with Anders Frederiksen at the PMA 2014 Conference


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Along with presentations about operational performance, sustainability and strategy, the second day of the PMA 2014 Conference also brought research studies related to individual performance – employee engagement, employee satisfaction and other human capital related issues that might affect organizational performance.

One of these presentations, named “Employee Job Satisfaction and Quit Behavior”, was offered by Professor Anders Frederiksen, from Aarhus University.

The starting point of Frederiksen’s research was exploring the idea of cooperation between employers and employees in implementing a job satisfaction survey, which ultimately enhances the employer’s ability to predict quits.

The Professor pointed out the main disadvantages that employee turnover has on a company, such as high costs or disruption of the processes, as well as the fact that employee evaluations are rarely effective, as employees tend to answer to questionnaires keeping in mind the possible consequences. In this context, an efficient collaboration between employers and employees could represent the solution, as the company is interested in truthful answers from employees, while the latter ones want a better management.

For this research, Professor Anders Frederiksen performed an empirical analysis of personnel records, along with employee satisfaction surveys from a large bank. The study showed that the surveys contain valuable information that could be used to predict employee quits. The desired cooperation is achieved when employees answer truthfully to the survey questions, and the employer uses these answers at an aggregate level.

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