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Online Advertising. What platform should I use, when and why?


Online advertising performance

Nowadays, online advertising is a must have for any kind of organization. What will make you stand out from the crowd is your marketing strategy. There is no such thing as two identical organizations, and while some might need brand awareness, some others might need direct selling. Based on the marketing strategy, your product type and your budget, you can chose which approach best suits your advertising needs.

Operational performance: What, why and how?

Operational Performance

Have you ever wondered what operational performance is? The term is linked to the company’s performance at departmental level. Performance management can be analyzed at several levels in an organization: strategic, operational, team and individual. If the first one deals with the company’s organizational objectives and the last two with the team’s and each employee’s performance results, the operational performance has a more functional purpose. Although aligned with the corporate strategy, it mainly focuses on how each department conducts its daily activities in order to contribute to the company’s goals.


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