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Individual performance

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  • Employee Performance Management. The dawn of a new era

    Employee Performance Management. The dawn of a new era

    Performance management, and especially performance management at individual level is a hot topic, debated by HR professionals, managers, employees, academics, researchers and practitioners alike. In the past almost 50 years, ever since it started being formally implemented, both the process itself and the name used to describe it have gone through numerous changes. So what […]
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  • Interviews, questions & emotional intelligence levels

    Interviews, questions & emotional intelligence levels

    „Every response you give to another person involves your intellect and your emotions. The intellect composes the message, and the emotions provide animation and grace. Emotion is the message what music is to the lyric. Without the tune, would anyone ever remember the lyric?                       […]
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  • Choose the right job for you!

    Choose the right job for you!

    In this engaging presentation, Scott Dinsmore, founder of Live Your Legend, talks about how you can find out what are the things that you really love to do no matter what, paid or otherwise.
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> Interviews

  • Practitioner Interview: Somita Raj

    Practitioner Interview: Somita Raj

    In 2016, the Performance Magazine editorial team interviewed Somita Raj, Organizational Development and Learning Leader at Honeywell, Malaysia, for the “Performance Management in 2015: ASEAN Special Edition” report. Her thoughts and views on Performance Management are detailed below. Every individual is unique and has distinct strengths, so we must find a way to customize the system in order […]
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