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KPIs and The Media Industry

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Social Media Measurement can help business companies solve certain problems. Just like other private business industries are concerned with increasing brand awareness, media companies are concerned with the recognition of their media outlets

Social media benchmarking: how to engage your customers


Sometimes it can be difficult to predict marketing performance and there are cases when expensive campaigns might not bring the desired results. Hence, marketing research and benchmarking represent important aspects that can help organizations not only measure their performance, but also find ways to predict and improve it.

How social media sentiment influences companies


Social media sentiment

In the last years, # Social platform users  is constantly increasing and the way information is shared has also changed. Pull media has quickly been replaced by push media, information like status updates, photos, comments, videos or new articles finds the user and all this represents the social media sentiment.  A good example is the New York Times, whose # Homepage visitors decreased 2 times over the last 2 years, but its overall traffic didn’t, as it comes from the “side door”, the social platforms.


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