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Social media and its impact on your business


Social media impact on businesses

Along with the technology age came the wave of social networking. And just how big is the wave in fact? How much do our daily activities depend on this flow of unrestrained Internet connections? People all over the world have begun to use the social networks available right from their beginning and today we find ourselves in a world were Facebook or Twitter are a common topic of discussion, no matter the context. Moreover, people are starting to replace the human relationships with the virtual ones, thus leaving themselves in the position where they cannot face the world unless via Internet.

KPIs for social media


KPIs for social media 2

The rise of the internet has led to the birth of the most prolific marketing stage in history: social media. Different from its predecessors by its vast reach, usability and availability, social media has changed the worldwide marketing stage. Any company has the ability to promote its products or services and more importantly, its brand, on a global stage instead of a national or regional one.


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