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6 Essentials for digital marketing performance



In a world in which increasingly more people integrate the digital component into their lives, it is only natural that an organization should have a voice within the online environment. Regardless of whether organizations sell their products through brick-and-mortar stores, or on online shops, promote their services in the printed press, or rely on the customers’ word of mouth, being in direct contact with their specific audience online has become not only the norm, but a detrimental tool of business survival.

The value of content marketing: leading the 2015 trends


If we take a moment and look back at the last ten to fifteen years, we can easily observe the complex process of evolution that concerns marketing strategies, tools and techniques. The fast development of blogs, social media channels, YouTube videos, content websites, tools such as AdWords and AdSense have not only changed our perception and reformed the reality we live in, but have become, throughout the years, inconsistent and less popular. People are, nowadays, more aware and better informed about marketing practices and, therefore, they seek for real value in the choices they make.

Measuring brand marketing and performance


Measuring brand marketing and performance

Due to globalization and to the development of the World Wide Web, new markets have become available. In this situation, the brand has gained a significant value. The brand is represented by a logo, a slogan, the company’s overall image.

The desired result from branding is to project this image into the mind of a customer. When a client starts the purchase decision making process, the first things that should come into his mind are the organizational brand, the logo and the products.

Social media and its impact on your business


Social media impact on businesses

Along with the technology age came the wave of social networking. And just how big is the wave in fact? How much do our daily activities depend on this flow of unrestrained Internet connections? People all over the world have begun to use the social networks available right from their beginning and today we find ourselves in a world were Facebook or Twitter are a common topic of discussion, no matter the context. Moreover, people are starting to replace the human relationships with the virtual ones, thus leaving themselves in the position where they cannot face the world unless via Internet.


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