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Sorting out scales in performance measurement. Rating scales pros and cons


Performance Measurement

This article is trying to answer the most common questions that pop up in a researcher’s mind, when trying to establish what scale to use in a marketing, or business, research: “Are there any differences in calculations when different scales are used?”, “Which advantages best suit a particular need?”, “Which is the best option for an unipolar or bipolar variable?”.

Nutrition 2.0 – Eat. Track. Perform



More and more people are now taking healthy living to a whole new level, by fully understanding the importance of nutrition and acting accordingly. Monitoring one’s daily diet is no longer regarded as a matter of losing weight, or as exhaustively attached to the fashion industry. It is, on the contrary, understood for its real value, as a means of control and awareness.

Selecting the world’s top airlines with KPIs


World's top airlines

On a yearly basis, the world’s top airlines are selected, at the prestigious World Airline Awards, based on a worldwide customer survey. For the 2014 awards, around 19 million customers completed the survey that resulted in Cathay Pacific Airways being awarded the top spot among the globe’s airlines. The runners up were Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines at number two and three respectively. The top 10 airlines for 2014 are the following:


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