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Paving the road to performance with efficient communication


Our success as a species and as a society depends on our ability to communicate. However, it is not only about communication, but about efficient one. Even as individuals, groups and family members, we need to communicate, in order to express our thoughts, feelings, dreams, pain. Crosswise, people need to develop the ability to listen, not only to hear and, therefore, to actively become aware of the emotions and beliefs of the people they interact with.

The process behind effective communication


telephoneCommunication is something so simple and so difficult that we can never put it in simple words” T. S. Mathews

Communication is a very important aspect in every company. Being able to communicate in an effective way with a team of employees is a skill that all managers should endeavor to have. Effective communication can improve the business as well as the bottom line, thus the employees will feel more engaged and motivated when the lines of communication within the business are open and clear.

Why the resources for communication at the individual level?


Communication and performance

Communication can lead to employee performance when is successful or it can put distance between performance and employees.  Bidirectional horizontal and vertical communication is the display of a transparent work, when conducted effectively.  Ineffective communication creates a vicious circle that requires serious efforts in order to be fixed.


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