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Making Effective Decisions In An Uncertain Economy: Helping HR Professionals Become Strategic Partners


HR Summit and Expo 2012

Raouf Mhenni, General Manager Middle East & Africa at HR Access gave a presentation with focus on effective decision making as part of the second day of the HR Summit and Expo 2012 in Dubai, UAE.

Some of the key discussion points were:

  • A survey with respondents from North Africa, South Europe and Middle East indicated that for 40% of them HR professional were not invited to executive meetings on a regular basis; this result was further explored in interviews with five Chief Executive Officers (CEOs); one of those CEOs considered his/her human resources (HR) professionals as “poetic”, having a lot of information but not as much clear, factual data as compared to Finance; alternatively, the HR professional can leverage critical information and tools such as dashboards and be “less poetic”;
  • There are certain initiatives such as talent reviews and compensations plans that are generally part of HR professionals’ “comfort zone”; at the same time, decisions such as mergers and acquisitions or opening a new branch typically fall under the “stretch zone” for HR professionals;
  • HR professionals can follow a five step approach for decision making: 1) rationalize the situation, 2) identify the options, 3) make the right decisions, 4) implement the decisions and 5) collect feedback and make adjustments.
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