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Practitioner Interview: Gail Stout Perry


gail stout perryIn 2018, the Performance Magazine editorial team interviewed Gail Stout Perry, Chief Strategy Officer & VP – Sales at Corporater, USA. Her thoughts and views on Performance Management are presented in detail below.

I’ve noted that the best leaders are intellectually curious and continuously seek to learn, they are results-driven, they surround themselves with strong and talented people and trust them to make decisions.

Change management: not a matter of debate

Taking Risks

All organizations, from big to small, undergo fundamental changes at some point of their existence. What drives companies to put themselves at risk is the determination to cope better with new demands and challenges of the market environment. The expected outcome is for them to climb higher on the staircase of success. However, too often, the obtained outcome is a period of utter chaos, governed by confusion and financial losses, with little or no gain in return.


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