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Posts Tagged ‘Marketing and Communications performance’

The value of content marketing: leading the 2015 trends


If we take a moment and look back at the last ten to fifteen years, we can easily observe the complex process of evolution that concerns marketing strategies, tools and techniques. The fast development of blogs, social media channels, YouTube videos, content websites, tools such as AdWords and AdSense have not only changed our perception and reformed the reality we live in, but have become, throughout the years, inconsistent and less popular. People are, nowadays, more aware and better informed about marketing practices and, therefore, they seek for real value in the choices they make.

Business language: the thin edge between useful and redundant

Language Imagine, for a second, how the corporate world would be like, if the term “manager” was defined in English, as the person who controls an institution or department, and in Portuguese, as the person who drives a taxi. This would translate into companies facing obstacles when working with people and organizations across nations. Fortunately, this is not the case for today’s business language.


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