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Migrating from organizational to personal performance. Useful or not?


Ever since Performance Management has made its entrance into the world stage, a stubborn resistance towards it continues to persist.

How far are we going to take this process? Where will it stop? How many more levels of our lives will it invade any further? These are just some of the questions that reluctant voices continue to raise.

Adrian Brudan. From passion, to education, to success



Short bio

Adrian Brudan has manifested his interest for the discipline of Performance Management while he was still within the international learning environment of the Aarhus School of Business in Denmark. Further on, he dedicated the following years to intense research, KPI documentation and implementation of multiple Performance Management initiatives, within The KPI Institute. Presently, Adrian is the General Manager of The KPI Institute EMEA. As an educator, Adrian contributed to the design of The KPI Institute’s core educational programs, which he has been successfully delivering for several years now, in multiple international settings across the globe.  

The “John Oliver Effect” as new breed of entertainment


Entertainment shows have long been the recognized mediums which discuss societal issues in a context that is often comical or ironical and sarcastic. However, traditional entertainment begins and remains confined to the shows that created it. It rarely goes beyond the purpose of entertaining the masses. To be more precise, entertainment shows are not regularly transposed into actions that would benefit the society we live in.

EU’s crisis strategy: Gold on paper, bronze in reality


Once, a long time ago, Muslim armies had spread and conquered lands as far as Spain and India. Their religion had traveled even farther than that, going into the Far East and Southeast Asia. Muslim scientists and mathematicians have led the world to new discoveries. But what propels the mechanisms behind the Islamic State is not the power it used to have, but rather the loss of it.  

Consultant Interview: Ken Han of Metaplan

Ken Han 160x160

In 2016, the Performance Magazine editorial team interviewed Ken Han, CEO/Co-founder of Metaplan in China, for the “Performance Management in 2015” report. His thoughts and views on Performance Management are detailed below.

”If managers are not qualified to also be performance consultants, they are not going to be very good performance managers.”


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