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How data visualization (mis)informs


Data Vizualization Performance

Discussions on data visualization have rapidly increased over the last years as more executives, managers, analysts and basically everybody, wish for a better understanding of the raw data behind every day dashboards, scorecards or presidential poll results. The struggle is to bring the raw data to life in a simple and comprehensible manner.

Why use data visualization?


Why use data visualization techniques?

Data visualization is, roughly, the visual representation of information. From business executives and managers to business analysts or operations/manufacturing/supply chain managers, they all use charts, tables, histograms of other types of graphics to better visualize their data. Bar charts, line charts, scatter graphs and maps are simple examples of data visualization that have been used for decades.

On visualization techniques with Aki Jääskeläinen and Juho-Matias Roitto at the PMA 2014 Conference


Aki Jääskeläinen and Juho-Matias Roitto at the PMA 2014 Conference

On the second day of the PMA 2014 Conference, Dr. Aki Jääskeläinen, postdoctoral researcher and M.Sc. Juho-Matias Roitto, project researcher at Tampere University of Technology, Finland delivered a presentation named “Analysis of visualization techniques supporting performance measurement process”.


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