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The power of the word “free”


What is the value of the products offered for free? How much are they worth for the ones getting them? And how much do they cost for the ones giving them?

Everyone offers free things during their lifetime. One example is taking care of the family and offering them affection and attention without asking anything in exchange. Another example is represented by the society’s humanitarian actions destined to help the less fortunate. Probably not too many of us think of these gestures as “free”, but this is one of their main characteristics. The reason is obvious: society provides free care due to love and compassion.

Insights into a strategic planning process – The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG)


strategic planning - The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group

The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG) was established in 2008 and is a membership-based organization, dedicated to encouraging “co-responsibility in Abu Dhabi to ensure that government entities, business and not for profit organizations are all partners in working towards achieving the goal of economic, environmental and social sustainability,” as they explain in the “From reporting to action” strategy report.

Individual responsibility at the work place means performance for the organization


 Individual responsibility comes together with an organizational culture  that is based on values such as reliability, transparency and autonomy. These values imply open mindedness and open communication with employees, trusting them that they will successfully manage and finalize their projects without the need for constant monitoring and control from the management’s side.


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