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Research priorities for marketing in 2010-2012


Research priorities for marketing in 2010-2012

Due to the economic instability, 2010 has been a year with significant challenges for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and marketers around the world. 2011 is also expected to be challenging, as the effects of the economic recession continue to be felt in many economies, as well as changes in customer’s expectations and demands.

In this context, the Marketing Science Institute (MSI), one of the leading marketing authorities worldwide, has identified as top marketing priorities for the years 2010-2012 the following two main directions (MSI, 2010):

1. Marketing strategy that anticipates and responds to changing conditions:

  • Use Market Information to Identify Opportunities for Profitable Growth;
  • Understand Customer Experience and Behavior;
  • Develop Marketing Capabilities for a Customer-focused Organization;
  • Identify and Realize Innovation Opportunities.

2. Marketing management and practice in a transformed landscape:

  • Deliver Value through Enhanced Media and Channels;
  • Manage Brands in a Transformed Marketplace;
  • Allocate Resources to Marketing Activities;
  • Leverage Research Tools and New Sources of Data.

Researching marketing metrics in all aspects mentioned as top research priorities can add great value to the findings. Morever, marketing performance and accountability has been the top research priority identified by the MSI for the years 2008-2010 (MSI, 2008).

About the Marketing Science Institute

MSI has the mission to provide intellectual leadership in marketing and its allied fields, with the goal of improving and influencing business thinking and practice, by the means of supporting high-quality academic research. Every two years, the MSI member companies vote to establish the topics on which they want to encourage academic research, thus providing the direction for the research efforts in the field of marketing. contains over 170 examples of Marketing & Communications KPIs that can be employed to improve marketing performance.


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