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Making performance data available to citizens – West Sussex County


KPIs in the UK public sector

West Sussex County Council is the first authority in the United Kingdom that has implemented a software to provide citizens open access to its performance data. Its goal is to “help our residents lead happier, healthier, longer lives”. To ensure that its ambition will be attained, the Council has started to monitor a series of KPIs, in the three main areas of interest: children, old people and economy.

Economic forecasting – not an exact science. The Bank of England Forecast


Economic forecasting

An economic forecast refers to making prediction about the economy and identifying increasing, stagnant or declining trends. Economic forecasts are provided by international organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or the World Bank, but also by national governments and financial institutions. Forecasting is based on series of KPIs like $ Gross Domestic Product (GDP), % Inflation, % Unemployment or $ Fiscal deficit.


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