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Construction KPIs


construction kpis

The construction industry has been one of the most affected economic sectors by the 2008 financial crisis in many countries. As profitability of this business was seriously damaged, monitoring closely the evolution of the sector is important in order to improve the performance and revive the industry.

A touch of technology in… sports!


KPIs in football

Talking about KPIs in football is not as unusual today as it used to be years ago. Now, sports clubs focus on all sorts of strategies for measuring and improving performance. Players are monitored at all time and results are given according to the measurements, thus enabling the team managers to adopt one strategy or another. It is highly advisable to monitor the activity of players in order to keep track of the evolution of the team. KPIs are fundamental in a sports team in many respects and this is to be understood in the following lines.

Performance management in fashion


Fashion Performance Management

When someone hears the word ‘fashion’, he or she automatically thinks of skinny models, catwalk, glamorous life, maybe eating disorders, shallowness or why not, money. But, as usual, there’s more here than meets the eye.

What people seem to forget is that in order to have a (successful) collection, some bullet points need to be ‘checked’. A lot of people are involved, from designers to manufacturers, models to managers and sales persons, for instance.  Just like a very complex, well-oiled machine. The fashion industry is just like any other industry. Brands have to be creative, to impose themselves on the market, to attract clients and to sell their products.


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