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Monitoring performance at governmental level: Government of Kerala

Monitor performance at the Government of Kerala

The Government of Kerala closely monitors the performance of its departments in a system known as the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES), where each department has to prepare a Results-Framework Document (RFD).

RFDs are performance reports that show how well departments have managed their performance during the previous year. They are structured into 6 parts:

Performance Management in the Indian Government


Performance Management in the Indian Government

A brief history

Traditionally, the Indian Government used to be described as a rule-based structure, primarily focused on processes. Such an approach was mainly oriented towards input usage, and performance was assessed against money spent on different projects / schemes. The drawback of this modus operandi was that it failed to look at the results achieved by the activities undertaken by the Government.

Customer Relationship Scorecards – insights from Infosys Technologies


By attending the Balanced Scorecard Forum Dubai 2011, the team gained insights regarding performance management practices in leading organizations around the world. Such an organization is Infosys Technologies from India, a pioneer in what concerns the development and use on Customer Relationship Scorecards.


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