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GRUMA Mexico: A performance model built on innovation

Gruma performance model

“My father taught me something invaluable…Research is the mother of development for a country, for a company and for people”, Roberto González Barrera, Founder, GRUMA Mexico

Having understood the significance of Performance Management System implementation, the Mexican business environment is setting out to be increasingly attractive to analysts and investors worldwide. A world leader in corn flower and tortillas, GRUMA is a multinational company that has succeeded in conquering the world with its traditional Mexican products. Due to its unique two-way communication strategy with its stakeholders, the “Great place to work” management research and consultancy firm, awarded GRUMA “Best place to work at in Mexico” in both 2011 and 2013. Moreover, the “World Finance” magazine gratifies GRUMA with an award that recognizes the company’s achievement of the highest levels of performance in its respective fields of operation.

The importance of educational foundation: or how to ensure future innovations


According to the Global Innovation Index (GII), a vital innovation driver within a country is represented by the educational achievements and results of its youth. However, school education is not necessarily focused on developing innovation skills, and those systems that barely target test-based academic performance of students who join science and technology subjects are not those that will foster creativity, critical thinking, and the necessary communication skills that are desired by an innovative society.


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