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Posts Tagged ‘Innovation’

Tapping into the future of improved performance


NFC Improved Personal Performance

If anyone should ask us to take the bus to work instead of our car, we would, most probably, refuse them. The first question to pop into our mind would be: “Where would I buy a ticket from?” What if the solution would be as easy as reaching into our pockets and grabbing our phone? Would we reconsider our options, then?

Innovative habit: The use of performance measurements in public sector


Think Outside the Box: performance measurements in public sector

The 2013 Canadian conference in public sector HR , “Transforming HR for a Changing Workplace”, allowed innovators in this field to bring in a discussion about learning how to do more with fewer resources. Their advice was to focus on the HR processes that deliver the most value and change or cut out the ineffective ones. The picture of fewer resources and growing needs determined innovators to highlight that it’s also time they considered novel methods for improving their processes.

Innovation in big data


Innovation in big data

During the past years, a new information source has become increasingly important to achieve success for companies worldwide. This new information source is represented by large data sets, recently named big data. The increasing volume and the sheer detail of this information available with the rise of technology and social media makes analyzing big data a mandatory prerequisite for companies that want to establish themselves on the global market.


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