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Posts Tagged ‘Healthcare performance’

Improving ambulance services


USA Ambulance performance

We all know that when an ambulance approaches, with its siren on, we should pull over in order to make room for it. But what if your radio is on, windows up and you can’t hear it coming? Well, that’s not a problem anymore, as now ambulances can hijack nearby AM and FM signals to announce their arrival to the drivers. If you think this is illegal, you are wrong.

KPIs in healthcare


Healthcare KPIs

Measurement is fundamental if not vital in every organization. Constant use of metrics ensures a good development and guarantees great outcomes. In healthcare, measurements are being performed daily, by healthcare providers and patients altogether. The central point and target of measurements in healthcare is represented by patients.

Performance management and measurement in healthcare


Performance management in healthcare

In healthcare, performance measurement is very important as many lives depend on the doctors’ performance, and therefore, process perfection should be promoted in this domain, together with productivity. Moreover, the hospital administration needs to know where the hospital is heading; they have to plan the budget, thus being important to consider how much money to invest in research or innovation, for instance, and how much to allocate for medicines or equipment. Furthermore, the mission of the organization should be always kept in mind, just like patient outcomes, which are a way of reflecting the image of the hospital.

The best hospitals in the world


The best hospitals in the world

People are driven by ambition and we all want to be the best: the best employee, the best company. And we want the best for us: the best phone, the best car, the best house. But what about our health? Although sometimes taken as granted, we have to admit that it is the most precious thing we have because without it, we cannot be the best. So, if we get sick, then probably we want the best care in the world. But which hospitals are the best in the world?


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