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Banking disclosed: issues of low transaction volume branches


Over the past decades, financial institutions worldwide or banks, in particular, have had to deal with the pressures of an industry that is continuously changing its game. New, or updated, market regulations, increasing defaults on loans due to unemployment, collapses in the housing market, and rising overhead costs, have all exhausted the banking system. Moreover, the fragmentation between large transaction volume branches and low transaction volume branches has substantially impacted numerous banks all over the world.

Social and Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions


Social and Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) are mainly private-held companies, whose owners tend to have long-term interests (Ingo, W., Krauss, N. 2008). Most MFIs are strongly related with a social mission. For example, the most common “raison d’être” for MFIs is to broaden access to financial services, reduce poverty, empower women, build community solidarity, or promote economic development and regeneration.


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