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The KPI Institute at the 10th conference of the Performance Management Association – Day 3


During the 26th – 29th of June, 2016, The KPI Institute will be attending the 10th conference of the Performance Management Association, held in Edinburgh, Scotland, entitled Performance Measurement and Management: New Theories for New Practices.

The third day of the conference saw a smaller, yet equally enthralling number of parallel paper tracks, along with the Sarah Jardine’s keynote presentation, entitled Fail-Fast – Creating a people centred workplace that encourages learning. Sarah Jardine is Director of Manufacturing for Optos Plc, a UK based company which designs, develops and manufactures its core ultra-widefield retinal imaging devices.

She is responsible for providing leadership and direction for staff in the manufacturing facility, and has a strong understanding of cGMP and LEAN philosophies and methodologies.

Sarah holds a BSc(Hons) in Laser Physics and Optoelectronics and an MSc in Laser Engineering, having started her career as a Laser Engineer with Thales Optronics, after which she joined Optos as a Senior Optical Engineer in January 2000 and progressed through the Operations and R&D teams in to her current role as the Director of Manufacturing.

She is currently the Chairperson of the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Board.

Apart from her insightful exposition, many other interesting presentations that were part of the parallel paper tracks took place and are listed below, under the same format as the 1st and 2nd day of the conference.


Parallel papers track one

Performance measurement and management as a social system

Session chaired by Umit Bititci

– Oakes and Oakes, An alternative Balanced Scorecard informed by Habermas, Deleuze and Guattari, Heidegger and a review of key critiques

– Loh, Hoverstadt and Bititci, The interdependence of organisations’ cultural values and performance management

– Nold et al., Diagnosing Dynamic Capabilities of Organizations

Parallel papers track two

Performance measurement and continuous improvement

Session chaired by Sai Nudurupati

– Mueller, Strzelczak and Marciniak, On Performance Management and Measurement Failures

– Isaksson, Process Performance Measurement Maturity – A Proposed Model

– Lowe, Wilson and Boobis, The Performance Management of complex systems – enabling adaptation


Parallel papers track three

Sustainability and performance measurement and management

Session chaired by Lukas Michel

– Micheli, Mura and Mellahi, Development of a maturity model for CSR measurement

– Melan, Hourneaux Jr. and Galleli, Differences in Performance for ”Sustainable” vs ”Regular” Companies

– Hourneaux Jr., Galleli and Munck, The challenge of measuring sustainability: after all, are we getting anywhere?

The third day of the conference was concluded with a British Academy of Management Special Interest Group meeting on Performance Measurement.

The SIG meeting focused on the global grand challenges of today, whereby its attendees were invited to channel their energy into proposing ideas as to how the performance measurement research community can bring a contribution to the multidisciplinary research programmes that exist today.

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The KPI Institute at the 10th conference of the Performance Management Association – Day 2

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