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KPI of the Day – Healthcare: % Unplanned Readmission Rate (URR)



Measures the percentage of unplanned patient readmission cases, from the number of total hospital readmissions. Depending on the reporting source for the hospital, readmission can be defined as any admission in the same hospital occurring within 7, 15, or 30 days after discharge from the initial visit.


To assess the extent to which patients are readmitted without this being planned in advance. This rate could be a result of inefficient readmission planning and it impacts hospital bed availability.


Unplanned readmission rates relate to the quality of hospital care, as well as the effectiveness of treatment. Healthcare facilities define unplanned readmissions as patient admissions in a hospital within thirty days after being discharged from a former hospital stay.

Unplanned readmissions can be affected by many factors, including patients’ medical condition, age, employment status, living conditions, or insurance status. As such, the value displayed by this indicator might not reflect the exact quality of care or the healthcare system.

In order to avoid readmissions and provide the best possible outcomes for patients, medical facilities may consider implementing the following:

  • Offer post-admission consultations;
  • Develop a comprehensive discharge planning strategy;
  • Offer post-discharge community support;
  • Set procedures for identifying patients at increased risk of unplanned readmission

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