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Crafting success: strategy and performance management for governments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Khalid Alharbi boasts over 20 years of experience in partnering with business unit executives to develop strategic plans, direction, market analysis, partnership, growth guide, and operation excellency. He leads large and complex projects to achieve key business objectives and promote digital transformation. He is pursuing a career in engineering, project management, sales and strategy planning.

In September 2023, Saudi Arabia will host the 45th session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Commission for the first time. How does the Ministry of Culture in Saudi Arabia determine the factors and criteria to prioritize when engaging in strategic planning for hosting the committee session?

The government of Saudi Arabia has undergone a significant transformation since announcing its 2030 vision in 2016. This vision has three pillars and many objectives cascaded to different programs and government sectors. The Ministry of Culture contributes to achieving the 2030 vision by promoting and celebrating the KSA’s culture globally to strengthen its international reputation.


What are the key trends that have shaped the public sector in recent years?

The main driver for the public sector is the country’s Vision 2030, which is built around three primary themes: a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation that contributes to economic growth by attracting investment (locally and internationally). This all leads to the creation of more jobs through the development of different sectors, like the industrial and tourism sectors, and the improvement of government services, including public and private sector partnership and privatization.

Strategy and Performance Management Practices

What would you advise multilateral institutions to reach effectiveness and alignment in strategy planning and implementation? 

The connection between strategy and its implementation is performance measurement. The government needs a system that monitors progress, helps other departments implement, and makes necessary adjustments. Moreover, buy-in from higher management should be present. Measuring performance should be done proactively through day-to-day monitoring, not only reporting.

Vision 2030 stands out as a beacon of foresight and ambition. This comprehensive initiative functions as a guiding framework for national development, directing governmental entities toward sustainable growth, heightened efficiency, and enhanced service delivery. Khalid Alharbi, a strategy and policy expert in the public sector, shares the connection between strategic vision and everyday operations in an interview with PERFORMANCE Magazine, providing valuable insights into the mechanisms that have driven progress in strategy and performance management in the public sector.

To read the interview, check out the PERFORMANCE Magazine Issue 27, 2023 – Government Edition. Download the digital copy through the TKI Marketplace and avail an additional printed version via Amazon.

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