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Strategy and performance management in government: top tools and best practices


As a Strategic Planning and Performance Manager, Aubrey Phillips engages both people and data to optimize departmental efficiency. She has demonstrated leadership by spearheading interagency teams responsible for the development of Pinellas County’s COVID-19 dashboard and relief programs. Aubrey holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and environmental studies from New College of Florida, along with an advanced Geographic Information Systems certificate.

As a Strategic Planning and Performance Manager championing a data-informed workforce, could you share with us how data is used in Pinellas County Government for strategic planning and performance management? Please also highlight any strategies or efforts that have been implemented to leverage the power of data in these areas.

Based on an analysis of the key drivers of employee satisfaction, our office launched a continuous improvement program last year that’s helping frontline teams as varied as parks and permitting to reduce lost time and build efficiencies. This year, resident priorities from the National Community Survey™ are informing key results for a new strategic plan.


What are the key trends that have shaped the public sector in recent years? 

Experiencing and responding to COVID-disrupted local government as many cities and counties were on the frontlines of pandemic response and planning. In the years since, political polarization and technological transformation have continued to reshape service delivery, public engagement, and how work gets done.

Strategy and Performance Management Practices

What are the key success factors for governments to build consistency in strategy and performance management?

A flexible approach that encourages the co-creation of strategy and performance outcomes, effective business and management systems and tools, and, last but not least, broad leadership support—if you don’t have it, build it.

The integration of strategy and performance management is crucial in navigating the complexities of governmental operations. In the PERFORMANCE Magazine Issue 27, 2023 – Government Edition, Aubrey Phillips, a Strategic Planning and Performance Manager in Pinellas County Government, shares the importance for public entities to explore and maximize the latest tools and best practices in managing performance and strategies.

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