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Paving the road to performance with efficient communication


Our success as a species and as a society depends on our ability to communicate. However, it is not only about communication, but about efficient one. Even as individuals, groups and family members, we need to communicate, in order to express our thoughts, feelings, dreams, pain. Crosswise, people need to develop the ability to listen, not only to hear and, therefore, to actively become aware of the emotions and beliefs of the people they interact with.

Beating procrastination – a story of how to keep up, regain confidence, and succeed



Never postponing activities, not avoiding activities in a recurrent manner, and finalizing everything we have in mind in due time would be an ideal of efficiency, both in the working environment and in personal life. However, this desiderate is rarely accomplished, no matter how much we try, and hence, procrastination becomes our greatest enemy.

Time management – a challenge for productivity


Time management has always been one of the most challenging issues to be dealt with, especially nowadays, when the sense of time passed is one of the most commonly experienced feelings. The rush of day-to-day life became the struggle for reaching that sense of living the moment. At some point in life, every person should have gone to a time management class, read a book, or used an electronic day planner to organize, or to prioritize time.


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