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Marketing Supply Chain Performance


Marketing Supply Chain Performance

In addition to focusing on generating the best ideas through research and analysis, marketers need to also focus on the process of deploying these ideas into the market, making sure they reach the consumer in a timely and effective manner. To describe this process, the term employed is the Marketing Supply Chain, which consists of the people, processes and technology that make possible the creation and delivery of the marketing artifacts to the target consumers.

Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization Performance


Industrial Production Capacity Utilization Performance

Total industrial production, capacity and utilization (Federal Reserve, 2010)

The statistical release of the Federal Reserve, Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization: The 2010 Annual Revision, presents a thorough analysis of the industrial production (IP) index and the related performance measures of production capacity.

Enhancing business performance with intelligent data visualization – Ideas from sport


Sports Data Visualization

Data presentation and visualization solutions have increased in popularity in the recent years. Tremendous advancements in information technology and the wide adoption of the internet had a positive effect on communication, data interchange and visualization across networks, business and social communities.


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