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Measuring bus drivers’ performance


Bus drivers' performance

In a recent post, we were highlighting the importance of monitoring companies’ performance in dashboards. Today, it is time to find how bus drivers monitor their performance.

The origins of the performance management tool ‘dashboard’ are to be found in cars’ dashboards, used to monitor the speed/ gas and oil levels and to signal the problems affecting car’s functionality.

In New Zealand, bus drivers are being monitored not to over speed and put passengers in danger. Local buses had their engines fitted with surveillance devices, to record drivers’ performance in real time.

When drivers are speeding, harsh braking, taking corners too quickly, revving the engine too hard or leaving the motor idling for too long, lights on their dashboards will turn from green to red.

This process is known as telematics and it is part of a driver training program NZ Bus began in 2011, at a cost of about $3 million.  Weekly, drivers receive a report with a status of their performance. If they are underperforming, they will benefit from a number of training hours.

In May 2013, around 330 buses operating in Auckland began using telematics. In the first month, the ‘red alerts’ fell between 50-70% and a low number of drivers was sent to retraining.

The entire initiative aims at offering passengers a comfortable ride and it is a great example of monitoring performance in practice!


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Key Performance Indicators measured by the Port of Rotterdam Authority

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