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How can world happiness impact the future?


Imagine yourself climbing a ladder made out of ten steps. The highest step is, ideally, where you want to be in life. But at which step are you at this point? This is, roughly, the question whose answer is presented in the World Happiness Report, after surveying people in 158 nations. The point where you envision yourself to be on the ladder is your level of happiness. The higher you are up the ladder, the happier you are. Conversely, the closer to the ground you are, the lower your level of happiness is.

Ranking countries on the happiness factor


Ranking countries on the happiness factor

Happiness is an aspiration of every individual, but it can also represent a measure of social progress. In July 2011 the United Nations General Assembly took a historical step, by inviting member countries to measure the happiness of their people. One year later, the first “World Happiness Report” was launched and now these reports rank world’s countries using the happiness factor every year.


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