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Setting targets in public transportation: performance enabler or risk trigger?


Setting targets in public transportation

More and more state governments are now introducing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor and improve performance across different services offered to citizens, and public transportation is no exception. In Australia, bus drivers resent the pressure of governmental KPIs, especially in regards to running times.

Performance and target setting at Scotland Police


Performance at Scotland Police

Ensuring public safety is the ultimate goal of any police authority. This translates into actions that have to be taken towards the achievement of this goal. Scotland Police seems to have found the way of managing these actions. In 2007, they developed The Scottish Policing Performance Framework, which ensures a national model for the measurement and reporting of performance information.

Good practices in setting targets


setting targets

Targets provide a reference point against which performance is measured. If targets are high or low, they can significantly affect the analysis of KPI’s results. Some analysts consider that stretch targets are the way to success, while others believe is better not to set targets at all.

IBM – Setting direction through a roadmap


IBM Setting directions

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) considers itself “the world’s most forward-looking company”. Why? Because it wants to change the paradigm from “react” to “anticipate”. IBM believes in a smarter planet where the solutions offered will drive companies’ effectiveness and efficiency, will turn information into insights and will connect people.


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