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Reaching the right audience in North America. A Digital Marketing perspective


Marketing has significantly changed during the last years, due to the evolution of the World Wide Web. Nowadays, it is much easier to reach the desired audience, at the right time. When thinking about the means of mass communication, such as newspapers, radio broadcasting and television, which have been present in our lives for many years now, there come some very relevant marketing-related questions: who is a company actually targeting through its mass communication campaigns? How can it know if the targeted consumers have seen the message or have payed attention to it? And, most importantly, how can a company measure the impact of its mass advertising campaigns?

National risk management, upgraded. From the governmental approaches to terrorism, to a national responsibility plan


 When events such as terrorist attacks arise, what is often brought to light is the vulnerability of targets, together with the ineffectiveness of governmental authorities, both of these contributing to the large number of victims and to alienating entire nations and governments. What remains is the bitter taste of defeat, of mistrust, increased insecurity and fear.

Improving performance in the City of Seattle


Making data available to citizens is no news for the Governments which aim at improving their current level of performance. The City of Seattle has understood that a transparent approach to conducted activities and obtained results is the leading path towards both a better relationship with the citizens, and a roadmap to performance.

Healthy people in healthy communities – a vision each Public Health Authority should aim at achieving

Public Health Performance

The Department of Public Health from the State of Connecticut, US, aims to ensure “Healthy People in Healthy Connecticut Communities”. Far from remaining just a dream, numerous actions were taken in order to make sure this vision will be reached.

The first step was to develop the State Health Improvement Plan, a clear guide focused on improving health outcomes, by prevention and risk reduction. As part of this plan, 7 health areas of focus were identified


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