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Microsoft Business Intelligence tools: how to get the best value out of Dashboards


Business Intelligence and Performance Management make a great pair when it comes to generating value for organizations worldwide. Selecting a Business Intelligence framework that can accurately outline performances of our organizations makes for an excellent common practice in today’s technologically enabled business environment.

Managing gender diversity for business success



There are many parleys on the performances of men, as opposed to the performances of women. Whether we like to admit it or not, we always find ourselves in the middle of the same controversy: are men better managers than women, do women achieve better performances than men, what do we do when faced with the evaluation of each party’s results? It may be a mistake to try to find the standard answer, when key performance indicators are gender autonomous. So, how do we measure performance, in regards to gender, if the instruments we use to measure performance with, are unbiased? The answer is, we do not.

Customer satisfaction apps – the “key” to the future?

Customer Satisfaction Application Nowadays, instead of using the old-fashioned customer satisfaction questionnaires, companies have a new choice: the emoticon-powered feedback app. The service, available to businesses, was created by a Spanish Startup called Emtrics in 2012 and it was announced during the Wayra Madrid Demo Day. It allows companies to collect real-time feedback from their customers, at their point of sale locations. It was already in use during the Demo Day: by using QR codes, the technology allowed investors to show their opinion regardingthe “new product”.


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