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Transparency and openness challenges in 2015’s organizations


Partly willing, partly strained, organizations today have made drastic changes within their strategies and general management processes. Companies face the highest degree of public exposure ever known in history. Technically, every little bit of information, whether disclosed or not, can, and it will, eventually, find its way to a public. The sole solution for a company is to purposely expose itself or, simply put, to lay the cards on the table.

The employee engagement approach to improving performance management


Employee engagement and performance management

Performance management is about planning, doing, checking and acting. In other words, it involves formulating a plan of activities, establishing a set of objectives, setting key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance, and appraising actual performance. Therefore, managers direct the discussion towards key concepts such as objectives, goals, KPIs, desired state of evolution and outcomes. The ultimate goal is to help organizations reach top performance at different organizational levels.


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