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Posts Tagged ‘Organizational Strategy’

The Organizational Strategic Training Plan


How to develop a training strategy?

In order to develop an organizational training strategy, we should take into consideration the following things: first off, the success of a training session in a company is not evaluated according to the number of actual participants and the number of training sessions offered; secondly, we should always take into consideration the fact that the training strategy itself is a vision, it gives focus and direction – it is an action-planning document.

Strategy Formulation: Emirates Identity Authority Strategic Plan 2014-2016


The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) is an independent federal authority in the UAE that was established in 2004. EIDA’s main purpose as a governmental agency is focused on “the establishment of a modern population register in order to facilitate the obtainment of government services as well as to provide the required information for supporting decision making, strategic planning and the allocation of sources in all vital sectors in the UAE”, as documented on their website.

A journey: excellence in delivering webinars


If your intention of delivering a successful webinar is followed by questions such as: “When should I drop promotional emails?”, “Should I be worried if half of the registrants didn’t actually attend the webinar?”, “What kind of engagement tools should I use?,” then you should know that the answers are more simple than expected: Thursday. No. Polls. There are some guidelines to support a much greater return of the efforts.

National risk management, upgraded. From the governmental approaches to terrorism, to a national responsibility plan


 When events such as terrorist attacks arise, what is often brought to light is the vulnerability of targets, together with the ineffectiveness of governmental authorities, both of these contributing to the large number of victims and to alienating entire nations and governments. What remains is the bitter taste of defeat, of mistrust, increased insecurity and fear.

Transparency and openness challenges in 2015’s organizations


Partly willing, partly strained, organizations today have made drastic changes within their strategies and general management processes. Companies face the highest degree of public exposure ever known in history. Technically, every little bit of information, whether disclosed or not, can, and it will, eventually, find its way to a public. The sole solution for a company is to purposely expose itself or, simply put, to lay the cards on the table.


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