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How to spot lazy employees


We live in a world where companies are rapidly growing, developing their services and entering new markets. For achieving success, organizations invest more and more in the human capital, as one of the company’s main assets.

Having a large number of employees might have downsides, and one of them is that some employees can get lazy at their job. Organizations can track the results of the company or department, but that doesn’t always reflect the volume and quality of work each employee has done.

Managing gender diversity for business success



There are many parleys on the performances of men, as opposed to the performances of women. Whether we like to admit it or not, we always find ourselves in the middle of the same controversy: are men better managers than women, do women achieve better performances than men, what do we do when faced with the evaluation of each party’s results? It may be a mistake to try to find the standard answer, when key performance indicators are gender autonomous. So, how do we measure performance, in regards to gender, if the instruments we use to measure performance with, are unbiased? The answer is, we do not.

Take the challenge: manage underperformance!


employee performance

Performance appraisals are critized by both employees and managers, and also by some HR specialists. The most frequent issues and negative attributes associated with performance evaluations are: waste of time, as sometimes nothing changes, just a formal procedure that brings no value, as well as an activity with negative impact on the relationship between managers and their subordinates.

Innovative business cultures: starting at the individual level

Organizational Performance

Current dynamics and globalization have brought on companies that include innovation in their core values. A commitment for innovation is more and more often part of corporate culture and values. Companies emphasize hiring people through whom they can achieve innovation, more specifically, they are looking for those traits that are aligning with actual corporate values.

Positive recognition works best when public

Public recognition

Presently, each company has a well-documented and developed benefits and compensations system which has proven definitely necessary for an organization. But is it enough? Should companies stop here? Benefits and compensations systems are either general, applicable to all employees or exclusive to the ones meeting predefined criteria. Most involve remuneration or products and services that can easily be quantified in a certain amount of money.


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