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Posts Tagged ‘Individual Performance’

Enabling performance with variable pay systems


Variable pay systems

Having an efficient strategy is one of the key factors that defines organizational success. It should facilitate the fulfillment of strategic objectives, by ensuring that plans are implemented within the required timeline and are meeting their goals. A variable pay system should be implemented in order to ensure that employees are paid adequately based on their capabilities and to provide its staff with a clear message regarding what the company deems important.

Individual responsibility at the work place means performance for the organization


 Individual responsibility comes together with an organizational culture  that is based on values such as reliability, transparency and autonomy. These values imply open mindedness and open communication with employees, trusting them that they will successfully manage and finalize their projects without the need for constant monitoring and control from the management’s side.

Talent Management and Baseball Metrics


Talent Management Performance

Talent management is an important function of the Human Resources department, concerned with attracting, developing, engaging and retaining productive employees. Using metrics to monitor HR departments has been practiced for a while and ensuring high performance talent management can become an important competitive advantage for a company. But what do baseball and talent management have in common?


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