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Talent management done differently


Differential management is the key for talent development within an organization. The concept and direction of differential management has recently penetrated the workplace environment. This approach represents quite the opposite from what companies used, or even still use, in practice when it comes to managing high performing employees.

Employee fatigue: A Risk Management dimension



Have you ever felt the need for more time: time to recover from physical workload and psychological stress, time for your family and the hobbies you once used to have? In an increasingly competitive world, balancing personal and professional life has become more of a race for self-performance. It is not only about the workload and time distribution, but also repetition, routine and pressure that become highly important risk factors in managing an organization’s performance based culture.

Take the challenge: manage underperformance!


employee performance

Performance appraisals are critized by both employees and managers, and also by some HR specialists. The most frequent issues and negative attributes associated with performance evaluations are: waste of time, as sometimes nothing changes, just a formal procedure that brings no value, as well as an activity with negative impact on the relationship between managers and their subordinates.

Attaining high performance through smart leadership



The phrase ”employees quit leaders not organization” is quite popular among HR professionals and it is not just an assumption. In 2005, Leigh Branham identified this issue by surveying 20,000 employees: leadership has a significant impact on staff retention.

Leaders not only influence how much time an employee spends in the organization, but also how well the individual performs. The human capital is a critical resource for an organization and can be transformed into a valuable competitive advantage. But how can leaders ensure that employees will perform at their best?

Teambuilding: paving the way to engagement



How much do you care for the people you work with? For the majority of us, work is all about executing individual tasks and sticking to our own cubicle. We like our daily routine, because it is familiar to us, but little do we want to know about what happens in other cubicles on the same floor. However, as much as we might enjoy having a quiet day at work, unchallenged activities make us poor performers. While we may not notice our own apathy and lack of involvement, people around us may well do so.


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