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The 5 S’s that bring you closer to performance


Organizing Office Space

Achieving predefined targets within the organization frequently relies on indirect influential factors which can act as an enhancing element or as an impediment in the performance management process. One such factor is represented by having an organized workplace, which is based on five main principles that are to be implemented and further followed.

Why the resources for communication at the individual level?


Communication and performance

Communication can lead to employee performance when is successful or it can put distance between performance and employees.  Bidirectional horizontal and vertical communication is the display of a transparent work, when conducted effectively.  Ineffective communication creates a vicious circle that requires serious efforts in order to be fixed.

Performance review meetings – the borderline between a formal and an informal approach


In Performance Management, the performance review meeting, as conceptualized by Robert Bacal in his book “A Briefcase Book”, is seen as a process in which the manager and the employee encounter in order to work together and discuss performance matters, such as the degree to which the employee has attained his or her goals.

Managing both change and engagement with the commitment curve


Employee Performance Management

Employees develop engagement towards their employers, companies and implicitly towards businesses, through commitment to the major organizational requirements and core values. In order to highlight the employees’ evolution within an organization through commitment, a commitment curve was designed. The curve displays the stages through which each person that joins the company should pass in order to subsequently become an engaged employee.

Tit for tat and Engagement for Engagement – The role of corporate commitment in driving employee engagement

Employee Engagement

Among the individual levels evaluations that take place within organizations, the most frequent ones, after employee satisfaction, you have employee engagement reviews. Even if engagement is first of all dictated by one’s intrinsic motivation, organizations can also contribute to its development and maintain it within a desired range by building a corporate culture based on engagement.


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