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Training courses: useful or useless for employee development?


Employee development through training courses

While activating in a company, employees attend several training programs, which can be general or specific in nature. Even if a training is general, specific, technical or targets soft skills development, it can be either truly helpful or insignificant for the same employees, all this depending on the future actions taken.

Preparation in advance: the first step towards performance at the workplace

Preparation in advance: the first step towards performance at the workplace

Preparation in advance might seem as a time consuming procedure at a first sight, but in fact its main purpose and output is efficiency, along with professionalism. Above all other aspects, preparation in advance is in fact the proof and at the same time the maintenance of a good, even great, time management.

Pitfalls in performance appraisals



Performance appraisal is a process applied by organisations in order to evaluate and review performance at team or individual level. This type of review is generally scheduled to be performed once a year within the organisation and it is usually carried out by the employee’s direct managers. Its purpose is to identify employee training and development needs, and ultimately improve individual performance.


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