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Social media benchmarking: how to engage your customers


Sometimes it can be difficult to predict marketing performance and there are cases when expensive campaigns might not bring the desired results. Hence, marketing research and benchmarking represent important aspects that can help organizations not only measure their performance, but also find ways to predict and improve it.

How can you decide what to benchmark on?


How can you decide what to benchmark on?

In the search for best practices in the industry, companies need to look after some key aspects that can lead them to achieving superior performance. The benchmarking methodological uniqueness refers to the identification of business processes that can lead an organization to a superior performance, followed by the analysis of the best practices behind that success.

The first step for improving performance: mind the gap!



As all businesses are in a continuous search for improving their organizational processes, one of the main actions that needs to be taken for seeing quality improvements and achieving a superior level of performance is closing the gaps. Improvement refers to the process through which performance gaps are actually closed, so that a company is able to achieve the desired results. The aspect that can always be improved is performance. Therefore, improvement is not a results issue, but a performance related one.

Ensure your success through the right benchmarking team


Benchmarking team

The process of developing a benchmarking team is essential in order to be able to conduct a benchmarking study that aligns to the actual organizational strategies and identifies the right targets. It is one of the most important aspects that determines the success of the benchmarking plan. Hence, when conducting a benchmarking research, the responsible team can make the difference between success and failure.


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