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The Marketing capability. To benchmark or not to benchmark?



Benchmarking is acknowledged as being a core component of the marketing performance improvement, and its main purpose is that of assessing an organization’s strategy, products, and processes, and comparing them with those of the world’s best-in-class organizations. Benchmarking can bring several benefits to the organization, including cultural change, improved performance, better trained employees, as well as more efficient and effective marketing activities.

Why is benchmarking vital to your business?



Benchmarking, or learning from best practices, can boost a company’s performance by enabling a learning experience that relies on underlining the best in-class practices and their integration into your own organizational processes. Moreover, benchmarking allows companies to focus on strengths and weaknesses in comparison to those of their main competitors and, as such, it supports them in strengthening their position on the market. Nowadays, benchmarking is one of the most frequently used strategies for improving business performance.


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