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On Supply Chain Simulation Models with Michele Fumarola


The PERFORMANCE Management team was present at the Supply Chain Analytics conference from Amsterdam, between 3 – 5 June, 2015. Consequently, the insights gathered from experts present at the event had been gathered and exposed here, in a series of interviews and articles.

Michele Fumarola is the Senior Consultant at Macomi Systems Simulation, a company in charge with simulation based decision support and predictive analytics.

As such, Michele Fumarola trusts that improving processes is a practice that, although difficult and often risky, it ultimately leads to performance improvement. However, the bigger the company, the bigger and more standardized the processes become. Thus, implementing changes it a challenge in itself and gaining acceptance is a major obstacle to be surpassed.

A key to solving this issue is to define both the problems and the solutions better, to employ predictive analysis and to know exactly the direction towards which the organization is heading. Here, analytics proves itself as an extremely valuable tool as it eliminates all the fluctuations that appear during decision making, due to lack of information, or misleading information.

When asked about performant companies to look at due to their increased performance in the supply chain analytics field, Michele Fumarola mentioned university spin-off or smaller companies, in general, as these are the one which are more agile to move on the market, they implement changes quicker and easier and they often come up with innovative solutions, tools or initiatives.

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