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How to achieve business goals with data analytics


Harry Patria, the CEO of Patria & Co., is a data strategist and lecturer who founded a company that serves over 100 corporate clients, 200 analytical platforms, and 500 professionals. He is a Data Hackathon winner in the UK and graduated with distinction from his master’s degree to a PhD program with a fully-funded scholarship. Harry is a subject matter expert in several fields.

TKI: Given your accomplishments throughout your career, can you share or describe a particularly challenging data analytics project you oversaw, and how you were able to ensure its successful completion?

Dr. Harry: One of the toughest projects I ever worked on as a people analytics professional was this social data science thing where we had to create a whole new analytics model from scratch. We had to figure out which features to use and how to mine the data and deal with all sorts of crazy stuff, like outliers, class imbalance, and collinearity. But we nailed it by improving our feature encoding and making our artificial intelligence (AI) more trustworthy, explainable and scalable.

TKI: How have you managed to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in machine learning (ML) and AI, and how do you incorporate these new insights into PT. Strategi Transforma Infiniti’s operations and services?

Dr. Harry: I stay current in data and AI by pursuing three master’s degrees and two PhDs in strategy, data science, business analytics, and engineering from top-ranking universities. We go beyond boundaries by actively learning, teaching, researching, and working on projects to keep Patria & Co. at the forefront of the industry. We hire only exceptional talent and create a vibrant ecosystem that fosters a continuous learning mindset.

TKI: How does your company handle data quality assurance, and what processes do you have in place to ensure that data is free of errors and inconsistencies?

Dr. Harry: We take data quality seriously and use a range of tools like outlier detection, feature encoding, and visualization to ensure accuracy. We also use fancy stuff like automated exploratory data analysis (EDA), ML, Feature Engineering, Explainable AI, and Generative AI and validate data with users, experts, and consultants based on a triangulation approach. To ensure consistency, we first understand the business process and identify incomplete data sources. Then, we use advanced multiple imputation by chained equations and ensure data visibility to catch any issues. 

Attaining success and maintaining a competitive edge necessitates more than mere intuition and experience. It calls for a strategic approach that effectively utilizes the capabilities of data analytics. Dr. Harry Patria, founder, CEO, and chief data strategist of Strategi Transforma Infiniti ~ Patria & Co, sheds light on this vital aspect in our interview. He explains how leadership, building trust with customers, and collaboration help organizations leverage data to achieve their business goals.

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