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Manage stress for success!


Stress management

With the increasing public awareness of the adverse effects of stress, we already acknowledge it as something negative. No news here. However, try to ask yourself: what brings you the most stress? How does it affect your performance? What can you do to reduce it? How can you turn it into something positive? These are some questions that, once answered, can bring you more clarity upon the entire concept and help you turn this long term enemy into an ally.

Setting personal goals. Decide what you want to achieve and go for it!


Setting personal goals

Although the importance and benefits of setting goals for companies, departments or employees are broadly known, understood and agreed upon, when it comes to setting personal goals, opinions are mixed. Is this useful or just time consuming? How can you set both bold and realistic goals? How can these goals be achieved easily?

Nutrition 2.0 – Eat. Track. Perform



More and more people are now taking healthy living to a whole new level, by fully understanding the importance of nutrition and acting accordingly. Monitoring one’s daily diet is no longer regarded as a matter of losing weight, or as exhaustively attached to the fashion industry. It is, on the contrary, understood for its real value, as a means of control and awareness.

Students’ choosing universities – measurable?


Key factors in choosing a university

Due to an ever increasing competition at an international level, demographic changes and people’s migration from different countries, both within and outside Europe, universities nowadays are confronted with a two pronged risk: either being over flooded by students, or barely managing to attract a decent amount of students each year.


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