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Analyzing Pros’ Injuries for Sports Fans and Fantasy Players



Are you a fantasy sports enthusiast? In that case, Tracy Hankin, the Chief Executive Officer of Inside Injuries, has found what you were looking for: an entire database comprised of injury data that analyzes the available information from a medical perspective, to give users a sense of risk.

This Atlanta-based startup is a breath of fresh air for those sports fans and fantasy players who are looking for something more. The company began its journey as a hobby. Dr. Anand Lalaji, an Atlanta radiologist, with a sub-specialty in sports medicine, began writing blog posts about injured athletes, and slowly but surely his posts gained popularity.

Inside Injuries has recently signed its first deal with fantasy-sports company DraftKings, and Hankin believes this is the first of many. What is more, they also offer a free app for iPhone and Android, an app which includes data on more than 2.000 players, as well as all NFL players and a few free agents.

What is different about Inside Injuries?

Inside Injuries not only boasts a comprehensive database of players, but also uses a complex algorithm to illustrate what an injury means for a player’s performance, somewhat like we see in regular sports performance measurements nowadays. This leads to the analysis of two simple stats, one of which estimates an athlete’s risk of injury going forward, while the other predicts how he will perform in his next game.

Through this app, Inside Injuries first analyzes the data and then rates an athlete’s injury. Depending on the injury the athlete has sustained, the app can rate his risk factor higher than his health performance factor. Hankin explains:

“Any time we receive some type of news across the web, the algorithm checks if that information medically changes the injury risk or the ability to perform”.

In the ever-growing business of sports and fantasy games, Dr. Anand Lalaji and Tracy Hankin have managed to come up with that little extra something to spice up the game.

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