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Why use KPI documentation forms?


kpi documentation form

The KPI documentation form is a template that structures the most relevant information regarding a given indicator. Important fields of the form include: the KPI definition, Calculation formula and Target. In addition, other relevant fields can be used, such as: Subordinate measures, Limitations and Notes.

It is important to use KPI documentation forms because:

  • They assist in the documentation of KPIs in a clear, structured and standardized manner;
  • They provide detailed information about each indicator;
  • They ensure consistency in measuring and interpreting KPIs;
  • They enhance KPIs’ understanding.

The most important functions of KPI documentation forms are:

  • Communication facilitator through standardization;
  • Automation enabler;
  • Knowledge management facilitator;
  • Stakeholders’ educator (KPI owners and data custodians);
  • Buy-in enabler, by involving stakeholders.


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