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The Oscar Awards – predicting factors and movie industry KPIs


Movie industry KPIs

A recent blog post published on, Movie industry KPIs – Are Golden Globe a good predictor for the Oscar Awards?, questioned the perspective of Golden Globes being a good predictor for the Oscar winners, as the statistics reveal that the correlation Golden Globe winners to Oscar winners mostly stands.

As the Oscar Awards of 2011 proved, the correlation between the Golden Globes and the Oscars may not be valid in some cases, as for the sixth time in seven years, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s pick for best drama failed to win the corresponding best picture prize at the Academy Awards (Brevet, 2011).

The Golden Globes were often considered as a key Oscars barometer despite a very small number of voters of about 80 critics for largely obscure foreign outlets. The Oscar Awards, by contrast, are determined by about 6,000 movie professionals (Goodman, 2011).

The statistics show that the number of Oscar Awards that went to the same Golden Globe winners based on the past 20 years were:

Best Supporting Actor: 11 of the last 20 Globe winners won the Oscar. Best Supporting Actress: 10 of the last 20 Globe winners won the Oscar. Best Actor: 11 of the last 20 Globe winners won the Oscar. Best Actress: 15 of the last 20 Globe winners won the Oscar. Best Picture: 17 of the last 20 Globe winners won the Oscar (Brevet, 2011).

A second debatable predicting factor for the Oscar Awards may be considered to be the online sharing stats. The recent online buzz was compiled by AddThis in Oscar statistics as it follows:

Movie industry KPIs

The statistics monitor which actors and movies were getting shared about and searched for during the Oscar Awards Night. Though they indicate the public’s interest on movies and actors, it might be too much saying that the online sharing and searching statistics can predict the Oscar Winners.

Increasing notoriety for the winners and nominees, Oscar Awards contribute to measuring movies’ performance through the following KPIs:

To explore more KPIs for the movie industry visit the Film and Music KPI examples on


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